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Legal Research Pricing:   $75/hr

Legal Research Services, PLLC is operated by only one attorney, so the costs of low overhead are passed on to the client.  Further, while all research is conducted by a licensed attorney, the legal research is offered as form of paralegal service for attorneys.  The lower cost reflects that though every effort is made to find all relevant precedent to present all sides of the requested issue, no guarantees are offered with the legal memos.  All legal memos do include a pdf copy of each cited case.  

The researcher works with the client to determine their needs and to stay within budget.  Legal research services are available to attorneys in any state and based on the state or federal law requested by the client.  If there is no precedent found in the state requested, the researcher will search for persuasive authority in sister states.

Customer satisfaction is very important.  If the client is unsatisfied with the legal memo, a partial refund will be provided.  

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